Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lost and Found

The universe
was born from an explosion.
Everything gave light
to Nothing, making Space.
                                                          A hole made from
Nothing, from
Everything, illuminated
suddenly, unexpectedly.
No one could have known.

Space was always there,
hanging, waiting
amongst the dark,
the lack.
Some say, maybe,
it had happened before.
The light came and went
Everything had appeared,
shown itself to Nothing,
only to fall asleep among
the dark again. The light,
forgotten. A dream lost.
Again, Nothing. Except,
suspended, amongst the
lightless Nothing,
was a sense that
something had been.
No one will ever know.

A universe, born in me
expanded with light.
Everything was found
among the Nothing.
Suddenly, unexpectedly.
A hole made
where a whole had been
once before.
A hole made from Nothing,
from Everything, illuminated.
A dream, remembered.
The light, found.
Never could I have known
it was lost, suspended
amongst the dark.
Thanks to you
the light has awoken.